I came across this on FB and thought it was a great visual to use when doing a unit/review on hijaab.

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Can be adaptable, in sha Allah, for ages elementary – high school

via Salaf us Saalih.com

Is the wiping of the head for the woman similar to the man? And what should she do if she has long hair? Does she wipe to the end (of her hair) and then return, or is it sufficient to wipe within the boundaries of the head of the man? 
Shaykh Uthaymeen:
It is obligatory for us to know that the legal rulings are consistent between the women and the men, and the men and the women, except where proof is established that differentiates between the two; based upon this: It is prescribed for the woman to wipe the head just as it is prescribed for the man. Thus she places her hands at the front of the head then she wipes to the back of the head, then she returns them to the place she began; just as the man does. And it is not incumbent upon her to wipe down to the bottom of her hair rather she wipes to the bottom of her hair-line. Likewise if the man has long hair down to the shoulders, then it is not incumbent upon him except to wipe down to the hair-line only.