The Difference Between Men and Women in Islam
Comprehensive categorized look at the differences between men and women according to Islam. Taken from a treatise by Shaykh Yahya ibn Ali Al-Hajuri

Oh Sister Covered in Hijab

'This is a poem by shaykh Badr Bin Ali Utaybee hafidahullaah, taken from “20 pieces of advice to my sister before her marriage”'

“Oh sister veiled in hijaab slacken your pace.
Walk upon the hearts of the jealous ones and cause them to tremble!
Move with nobility and pride whenever the eyes of the envious
are barred from glancing at your skin.
You are beauty in its goodness and perfection.
You are chastity in all its glory.
Don’t be decieved! Indeed veiling your face is from the sunnah
of that chosen Hashami Mesenger (sallallahu alyhi wa sallam)
Being veiled from sight is for you a sign of dignity;
be delighted and with it, spoil yourself.
Your veil is a protective armor from every dreadful assailing wolf.
This is our legislation, truly and justly
Just as it is our nature.

Removing Self Limiting Beliefs from

a self help article with tips for helping you remove your self limiting beliefs.

Highlights for ways to remove self-limiting beliefs:
  • don't settle for second best
  • set goals
  • realize you own your self-limiting beliefs