Quick Beauty Routines  from All That Women Want.com
Tips on marital advice from the salaf.

(I've posted this on the site previously, but I got around to making up a PDF for us that we can put into our Journey to Muslim Womanhood/Muslimah Companion binders. )

Daily AM Beauty Regimen for Muslimahs
I created this reminder checklist for my teenage daughter and myself to help us start the day off right. Before we started this, I was basically in my pajamas/bummy clothes most of the day and did little beautifying.  If your days are dismal and you have kind of let yourself go, start off simple and add on, you will be amazed at how your outlook changes, in shaa Allah!

This checklist is "Islamified" but if you are not Muslim, there are probably still many good elements that you could use to set up your own regimen.

Applying Your Skincare Products in the Right Order: Morning Routine -CareFair.com
Manicure and Pedicure How To Sheet (TJ)
I did a little online research and compiled some things I found into a step by step guide for giving yourself or someone else a home manicure and pedicure.

I'm  hoping to establish a home beauty day each week (Jumuah) for my girls and I, I think it will be fun, in shaa Allah.

Do you have a weekly beauty day?


I spent a couple of days searching for a printable tracker and didn't find any that I was really crazy about, so I made up one of my own.

It includes space to make comments each month and it comes in PINK, BLUE, GREEN, or PURPLE (all included in the one download).

Menstrual Cycle Printable Calendar/Tracker
Online Period Tracker - cute little site (free) where you set up an account and you can track your periods, set reminders (for approx days before your period or ovulation is expected). You can add notes. Based upon the dates you enter, it tells you the current day you are in of your menstrual cycle.