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TJ’s Clothing and Islamic Manners of Dress: Lapbooking Kit/Learning Pack

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Purchase this unit to receive a 13 lesson unit which includes the following lesson on shoes:

  • Why do we wear shoes?
  • The History of Shoes Wearing of Shoes is Recommended, Islamically
  • Wearing one shoe
  • Putting your shoes on and taking them off
  • High heel shoes
  • The History of the High Heel Shoe
  • Can Muslim women wear high heel shoes?



Shoe classification

May be hard in home setting but could use shoe clip art in place of real shoes perhaps




Design a Shoe Sculpture

How to Draw a Shoe (video how to)



Coloring Pages and Templates


Shoe Template (tennis shoe)

Tennis shoe coloring page

High Heeled Shoe Template

Tennis Shoe (high top)