Articles About the Period & the Female Body

Getting Your Period
This is a very informative article intended for your daughter as an audience. It covers:
  • What it is?
  • How it happens
  • When does it happen?
  • How do I take care of my period
  • Pads: What you should know
  • Tampons: What you should know
Female Reproductive System: A Body Basics Article
Detailed article about the Female Reproductive System by Written for your child as an audience. Also great perhaps for science class.
  • What Is the Female Reproductive System?
  • What Does the Female Reproductive System Do
  • Things That Can Go Wrong With the Female Reproductive System
  • Menstrual Problems
  • Infections of the Female Reproductive System

Preparing for the First Menstruation (link not working 10/18/11)

This is a nice written and organized article about preparing your daughter for her period. The topics covered are as follows:
  • Your Daughter’s Period
  • Talking to Your Daughter
  • Practical Advice (using pads, cleaning stains, problems)
This is one of the best articles that I have come across so far on the subject.

Problem Periods (link not working 10/18/11)
Intro: “Being uncomfortable or having cramps along with your period is very common. It is also common for your periods to be irregular sometimes, meaning you may not get it at the same time each month or at all some months. These things can happen and there may not necessarily be a problem, even though you might be uncomfortable or in pain. The tough thing is knowing when the things you are feeling are normal and when there is a problem. “
Again, this article is written for your daughter as an audience. It covers:
  • What can affect my period
  • When to see a doctor